Saturday, 1 December 2018

Technical difficulties

This short post isn't about beer and neither is it about travel. If anything it's totally off-piste and unconnected with anything I have written before. Oh, and before anyone mentions the "B" word, it's not about politics either!

What I'm writing about here is a technical issue relating to the blog itself, and I'm sure other people have experienced the same thing.

As many readers will know, there are two main hosting platforms for blogging on the internet; Blogger and WordPress. The former is Google's baby, whilst WordPress is an independent platform. Both have their good points, as well as the occasional bad ones and both have their devotees, but there seems to be a problem when it comes to posting across the two platforms.

Part of the fun of blogging is reading other people's blogs and posting the odd comment. If you write a blog it's good to receive feedback in the form of these comments and, vice-versa, it's good to reciprocate by commenting on other writer's work.

So far, so good, but I'm sure I'm not alone in having experienced  the odd problem when doing this. Over the past month or so comments I've made on other bloggers' posts have not loaded, and instead have disappeared completely as soon as I've hit the "Post Comment" button.

As I said a short while ago, the problem seems to be when posting "across platform" ie, on blogs hosted by Word Press. I've had no problems posting on Blogger sites, and confusingly many WordPress blogs are also OK, but it's very frustrating when you've got something to say or a valid comment to make and it disappears of into the ether. Conversely when others might be attempting to post on my blog, I can share their frustration.

The reason I've written this is firstly to ask whether others have experienced these difficulties (I'm sure they have), but secondly - and more importantly, what to do about it.

So over to you, dear readers, any ideas and, reaching out to all those technically-minded people out there, what is the fix?
Footnote: blogs I have experienced difficulties commenting on, include Zythophile, Look at Brew, Boak & Bailey and Pubmeister writes........., so if any of theabove authors are reading this, apologies if I appear to have ignored you, or not come back with a comment.


Etu said...

I have found that on some blogs, full cookie access must be granted to post comments, Paul.

Also, for some reason, on the web version you may find a range of options under which to post, whereas on the mobile one you just get Google account.

Tandleman said...

Me too. Many times been complaining about exactly this for years.

Emma said...

Registering a WordPress account may help - you don't actually have to set up a blog.

Paul Bailey said...

It's certainly a right pain in the proverbial. I will look at the cookie settings Etu, next time I have a problem.

TM, several years ago, I started composing my posts/comments in Word first. That way my carefully typed out document is still available, rather than disappearing off into the ether.

Etu said...

I just take the precaution of highlighting and then copying before I hit post. If it fails then I can always re-paste.

Paul Bailey said...

Thank-you Emma, I will give that a go.

Russtovich said...

"Also, for some reason, on the web version you may find a range of options under which to post, whereas on the mobile one you just get Google account."

I'll second that, good point Etu.

I find I can't post on BRAPA and here as well from my phone. The lone Google option to log in to post doesn't seem to stick once I hit post. (sigh)

Paul Bailey said...

These "tech giants" don't make things easy for us mere mortals, do they?

Andy said...

Having problems post on your blog posts so funny you should raise this. A

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