Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Upmarket "Pong"

Although budget supermarket chain, Lidl are continuing to crank out cut-price bottles of ale from the likes of Marstons and Shepherd Neame, upmarket Waitrose are currently mid-way through an excellent promotion on bottled beers. A wide range of bottles from the likes of Brakspears, Fullers, Hook Norton and Jennings are on sale at two for £3.00, and what's even better is you can mix and match!

Some of the beers included in the offer are extremely good value when purchased in this manner. They include Fuller's 1845 and Brakspear's Triple; both premium strength beers, and both fine examples of the brewer's art. Fuller's London Porter, which is another old favourite of mine also features on the list, as does Hook Norton Double Stout. I also noticed Pilsner Urquell on sale at the same two bottles for £3.00, but this might be a different promotion.

My advice therefore is get down to Waitrose quick, whilst stocks last. The promotion runs until 9th November, but with such good bargains available, some beers could run out long before this!


Ed said...

I've been going for the ESB myself :-)

Paul Bailey said...

I like the ESB as well Ed, but I feel the 1845 has just that little bit extra to it. It's possibly down to the bottle-conditioning, or maybe that extra degree or so of alcohol, but whichever way one looks at it, it's a stunning beer.

Mad Max said...

"Lidl are continuing to crank out cut-price bottles of ale from the likes of Marstons and Shepherd Neame"...well they are and they aren' of November 2010 their 'cut-prices' have escalated from £1 a bottle (this summer) to £1.19 a bottle (last month) to currently £1.59 a bottle or £1.33 (buy 3 bottles for £4).
I'd put down the extremely low summer price (for Pedigree 5%, no less)as being due to overproduction of bottles labelled with cricket sponsorship guff, competitions etc., and the downturn in public opinion following betting scams. This would probably also explain why similarly 'date sensitive) bottles of Spitfire (70th anniversary BoB)were also £1 a bottle. But Hobgoblin?