Thursday, 21 October 2010

Even More Cheap Supermarket "Pong"

Lidl's have done it again with their cheap bottled beer offers. I chanced upon their latest offers earlier this evening, when I picked my son up from the station after work.

First there were two offerings from Shep's, Tapping the Admiral and Dragonfire, both 4.0%. I'm glad I didn't buy the former, having read Beer Nut's rather unflattering review of the beer; but I did succumb to a bottle of the latter, purely out of curiosity as the label claims it is brewed from a blend of oats, rye and wheat, as well as malted barley. I haven't tried it yet, but will let you know what it's like when I have.

Also on offer were two beers from the Marstons stable; Burton Bitter and Banks' Bitter (both at £1.00 each), plus two from Wells & Youngs; Young's Bitter and Bombardier, (£1.19 each). I bought a couple of the Marston's group beers; at a pound each it was foolish not to. Presumably Shep's, Marstons plus Wells & Youngs must be subsidising these cut price deals, but I for one don't mind taking advantage of them from time to time.


Curmudgeon said...

I'm not sure they're actually subsidising them - more a case of both the brewers and Lidl shaving their margins to the bone.

Locally, Lidl are also offering Courage Best (which I find a bit bland) for £1, and Pedigree, Spitfire, Bishop's Finger and Hobgoblin for £1.19.

Not sure if Home Bargains spread to the south, but they permanently offer several beers such as Brakspear's Bitter, Goliath and Burton Bitter for £1, and Hobgoblin for £1.19.

Paul Bailey said...

Thanks for the info, Curmudgeon. Now you come to mention it, I think our Lidl's also had Hobgoblin at £1.19.

I must admit I've not come across the Home Bargains chain, although I've just had a quick peek at their website.

Baron Orm said...

These are all within the 'baron bargain' price range (£1.30 or less). The best are the Hobgoblin and the clear winner is the Young's Bitter - it's a bottle-conditioned beauty with all the class of a fine british bitter.

I've not tried the two Sheps offerings so if I see them they'll get a [baron rating]!