Thursday, 24 December 2015

It was the Night Before Christmas

I’ve been swamped with beer this Christmas. Not a bad thing, as one can never have too much (good) beer. I already had quite a stash; not only bottles I’ve been accumulating over recent months, but also bottles I’d brought back from this year’s many overseas trips. Belgium features prominently on the list, but I’ve also got offerings from Austria and the Czech Republic to get stuck into.

Family and work colleagues have also stepped up to the plate with beery gifts, including these Christmas-themed goodies. The attractive-looking crate above, and its contents, came from two work colleagues. I haven’t had a chance yet to catalogue the bottles, but they include offerings from Backyard, Bradfield, Byatts, Conwy, Hop Studio and Ridgeway. First glance tells me they will be good.

The Christmas selection pack, is a gift from our neighbours for looking after their cat whilst they are away over Christmas.. It is from a company called Cottage Delight, who are based at Leek in Staffordshire. The company specialise in food items like cheese, preserves, sauces and cooking aids, and have been trading for the past 40 years.
Cottage Delight founder, Nigel Cope, recently became a major investor in the nearby Staffordshire Brewery, and this selection pack is one of the results. As well as a Ruby and a Pale Ale, there is a Stout included in the selection. And as if this was not enough, my son has, amongst others, also got me the  three goodies above from Beavertown Brewery.

I can’t start drinking yet, as I’ve got to pick the lad up from work, but once he’s home, and the door is shut, then let the Christmas festivities begin!

Merry Christmas everyone.

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