Tuesday, 14 September 2021

A lazy Sunday, moored up in Liverpool

Despite the abundance of food on a cruise ship, it's still relatively easy to get something exercise and stay in trim. There are two decks on the Queen Elizabeth that enable you to walk right round the ship, and in the case of the lower one, you are largely undercover.

A notice informs passengers that three circuits of Deck 3, are equivalent to 0.9 mile. Yesterday I quite easily accomplished 10,000 steps, and Mrs PBT's wasn't too far behind me. We've slackened off a bit today, although I'm sure that come nightfall we'll be edging towards our 10k target.

We are on holiday though, so the fitness thing is really just an aside, and at the moment we're lounging on a couple of “steamers," those most traditional of cruising deckchairs. 

We're on the starboard side, looking out over the Mersey, across to Birkenhead, watching the odd vessel chug by. A brightly painted "party boat" called the Snowflake, has just passed by and we returned the waves of a boisterous, but good-humoured party on board.

Our ship is due to depart Liverpool, in around three hours’ time, so we'll be back up on deck to watch as our floating home slips its moorings, turns around and heads off towards the mouth of the Mersey estuary, and back into the open waters of the Irish Sea.

I mentioned in my previous post that it's Mrs PBT's birthday today, but we will leave the posh dinner until tomorrow, in order to experience
properly tonight's departure. In the meantime, there's a few more steps to clock up, and a beer or two to be had.

No more posting now until we reach Southampton, and then it will only be a quick one. It's nice though, just to relax and savour the moment, especially after the year we've just had and the manic period at work over the past six months.

So, for the time being, a fond farewell to Liverpool, even though we didn't see that much of it!




retiredmartin said...

Keen to know why you didn't visit Liverpool ! Did I read you're not allowed off ?

Paul Bailey said...

Hi Martin, passengers were only allowed ashore on pre-booked, guided tour parties, which unfortunately put paid to our plans for a wander around and a beer or two in a local pub.

This was due to Covid precautions, and I’m guessing it was more to protect the ship’s crew, than anything else. This restriction was likely to be dropped next month, but who knows now, after Johnson’s announcement yesterday.

We had actually booked a brief coach tour for the Sunday morning, but the time was switched, at the last minute, from 11am to 8.15am. The change in the timing was down to road closures, due to the Liverpool marathon. Eileen isn’t much of an early morning person, so we decided to give it a miss, and even got a refund!

The cruise line are taking Covid precautions very seriously, which is hardly surprising considering what happened in April-May last year. More on that later.

Finally, I ended up re-publishing this post, due to alignment/technical issues, and unfortunately lost your original comment about the keg Pedigree and London Pride, aboard the boat. Apologies for that, but at $6.30 a pint (not actually that steep), I didn’t try any, although I did enjoy a few of the craft cans, brewed for Cunard, by Dark Revelation of Salisbury.

Their Black Breakfast Stout was particularly good, but as a back-up I’d brought along a stash of Pilsner Urquell cans, which I kept cool in the mini-bar, room fridge!

retiredmartin said...

I thought it was something like that ! Wise decision, guided tours of Liverpool wouldn't have included many pubs except the Cavern Club I guess !