Saturday, 20 February 2016

TW3 -That Was the Week that Wasn't!

TW3 – That Was the Week that Was; a satirical comedy programme, first aired on the BBC. Fronted by the late Sir David Frost, TW3 broke new ground for British comedy by poking fun at politicians and establishment figures. I was only seven years old at the time, so I don’t remember it. I don’t remember my parents watching it either, although they may well have done, as I suspect the programme went out long after my sister and I were tucked up in our beds.

All this is irrelevant really apart from using the acronym to describe the past week; the exception being that instead of the week that WAS, it was the week that WASN’T!

I spent a frustrating week trying to put a trip to Germany together, on behalf of a small group of local CAMRA members; only to see it all untangle on Thursday afternoon. I don’t want to say too much here, apart from the fact that I learnt a few things, and also learnt how NOT to organise such a trip, but all is not lost and there may be the opportunity to re-schedule something for later in the year.

Having a busy work schedule didn’t help matters, and whilst there has been quite a lot to write about recently, there has not been sufficient time for any serious blogging. There are nevertheless a few things I would like to share, which I may find time to expand on later, but for now it’s worth mentioning the following:

A mid-week CAMRA Meeting, at two pubs within walking distance of my workplace is certainly worthy of a post; as will be today’s outing with my friend Eric, across the border into deepest Sussex. Continuing the Sussex theme, I am still working on my piece about the legendary Bonfire Night Celebrations which take place in the ancient town of Lewes, every November 5th. I’ve also been making inroads into the beers left over from Christmas, discovering along the way one of the best Christmas Ales I’ve had in a long time, but also being rather disappointed with another.

Other matters are also conspiring to eat into my writing, especially as I will be away for the following two weekends. The first trip will see me driving back up to Norfolk, to visit my father. I’ll also take the opportunity to catch up with my sister, who lives nearby. I strongly expect there will be one or two pubs visited over the course of the weekend, but my main objective is to see how dad is getting on now that he has settled in at the care home.

The weekend after will see me flying off to Barcelona for three days. The city will be holding its annual Beer Festival; now in its 7th year I believe. There is a real burgeoning beer scene in the Catalonia region of Spain, and whilst we caught a brief glimpse of it during our visit in December 2014, it will be exciting to experience it at first hand, in all its full-on, in your face glory.

I haven’t a clue what the weather will be like there at the beginning of March, and it doesn’t really matter as I will be under cover most of the time. However, the city’s Maritime Museum, which hosts the event, is close to the seafront, so it would be nice to spill out into the open and enjoy some al fresco drinking.

Well that’s all until tomorrow. I must now hurry down to the station and meet my friend for a light evening’s drinking in Sussex. Cheers for now.

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