Sunday, 19 November 2017

Night of the long knives

It’s been cull-time on the blog this evening; a long overdue removal of moribund blogs from my blog-list, and the addition of a number of blogs which have caught my interest of late. It’s been some time since I last carried out this exercise, and I noticed there were several blogs where nothing has been posted for over a year.

Like others before me I’m wondering what happened to cause the authors of these moribund blogs, to cease writing. Did they just get bored, or run out of things to say? Or are there deeper reasons? I know that when I had a mental health issue six years ago, I didn’t post anything for the best part of nine months, but I did find writing very therapeutic once I started to feel better in myself.

Of course there may be other reasons apart from health, such as change of job or starting a family; definitely a life-changer that one! Whatever the reason, I am dropping nine blogs from my list, and adding six in their place. If by some chance, any of the dropped blogs spark back into life, I can always add them back in, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

I am not going to name any of the blogs I’ve dropped, and neither will I point out those I have added. The latter is just in case the new additions also start to wither on the vine. However,  I’m sure I’ve missed out the odd gem when deciding which new blogs to add, so if there are other beer-related blogs which people feel are worthy of a mention, please let me know.


Bailey said...

Paul -- might be worth updating the link to Pete Brown's blog which is now @

Paul Bailey said...

Thanks for the update, Ray. I was wondering why I hadn't seen anything from Pete recently.

retiredmartin said...
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Russtovich said...

Sorry to hear about the mental health issues, but glad to hear that's in the past. Life comes at you awfully quickly theses days, especially if it involves a mid-life crisis or career change (or both!).

I dabble in a bit of poetry for me ol' mum and my wife on special occasions, but not sure I could do an actual blog. My hat's off to you lot who can put pen to paper so to speak on an almost daily basis. It's appreciated. :)


Paul Bailey said...

It's all good now thanks Russ, and although it’s hard to see it at the time, it’s true that you often emerge stronger from these events.

Keep at it with the poetry, as I’m sure both your mum and your wife appreciate that personal touch. As for me, I always argue blogging keeps me out of mischief. It also keeps me away from all the crap on TV!