Sunday, 27 October 2013

Stocking up for Christmas

I’ve been quietly taking advantage of various supermarket offers in order to stock up on beers for Christmas. Yes I know it’s still two months away at present, but as usual I want to make sure I’ve something decent to drink in the house over the festive period.

First and foremost of these offers is the one running in Waitrose, which I think will probably be ending soon. Beers from several well-known brewers are available at four for £6.00, and as Fuller’s are included in this offer, I’ve stocked up on London Porter, Bengal Lancer and 1845. The latter is a particularly good bargain at this price, especially as it is an excellent  beer to accompany one’s Christmas dinner.

I will, of course, be keeping an eye out for offers from the other supermarkets, but I will also be using our planned trip to Prague, in early December to bring back a few Czech specials to supplement my Christmas stock.

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Matt said...

I know what you mean Paul, 1845 is a perfect Christmas dinner beer.