Thursday, 1 July 2010


We're off to Bamberg in just under a week. It's the place that's been on my beer-places-to-visit wish-list for as long as I can remember, but to date I've only managed a quick stop-off there whilst on a "Christmas Market" coach trip, a couple of years ago. As time was limited I only managed to visit Schlenkerla, which needless to say was superb.

Now we're finally going to be spending some time in Bamberg I'm eager to sample as many beers and visit as many pubs as possible.. I've read about other legendary breweries in the city, such as Faessla, Mahrs Brau, Klosterbraeu, Kaiserdom, Spezial etc., and am going armed with a copy of John Conen's Guide to Bamberg & Franconia. I've also downloaded some of Ron Pattison's highly informative pages, together with information from The Online Beer Guide to Bamberg & Franconia, so I've done a fair amount of groundwork.

What I'm particularly interested in though are personal recommendations from other beer enthusiasts, as to the best pubs, beer gardens and beers in Bamberg, as well as suggestions as to which are the best places to visit in the surrounding area. We are only staying a week in the city, and want to make the best use of our limited time there, so please get in touch.



Tandleman said...

Right then. First of all have a look at my blog for the following: and the next few posts. I'd also recommend a look at the Franconia beer site for some tips. The link is on the left of my site and then look at the message board. It will tell you almost everything you need to know.

I'm going with the lovely E at the end of August if I can get my arse in gear and sort it all out. Enjoy and do report back Paul.

Tandleman said...

PS The Kellers above Bamberg are so worth a visit. Spezial for views and Wilde Rose for everything else. Go when they open and spend an evening there. You'll eat and drink well and have a great time.

In Bamberg I'm fond of Mahrs and Keesman. Mahrs for the U and atmosphere, Keesman for Herren Pils. They are opposite each other too.

My mate Nick recommends Cafe Abseits and I've been there with him. A German free house so worth a visit.

Paul Bailey said...

Many thanks for the information, Tandleman - and for the link back to your posts from last year. Having printed a couple of them off, I now remember reading them at the time, and see that I even posted a comment on one!

Will certainly report back on our return.