Friday, 24 July 2009

First Aider

I only spent one day at work this week; the other four were spent attending a First Aid at Work Course run by the British Red Cross. Today (Friday) was our assessment, and I'm pleased to report that we all passed. There were only seven of us on the course, but they were a nice bunch of people, from very different and diverse backgrounds and it was good to mix with people I perhaps wouldn't have done otherwise . The best bit, of course, is that we've all been trained in the basics of First Aid, and if push came to the shove would be able to step in and help people when they're injured or taken ill. I hope none of us are ever put in an extreme situation, but who knows one day we may even go that stage further and end up saving someones life!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations from a ICRC fellow ticket holder. I hope you don't ever have to use it but you'll be glad of the training if you do.