Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Czech Cultural Day


I promised that I would write a bit more about last month’s visit to the Czech Republic, and whilst many people could, with some justification, dismiss the whole trip as a bit of a piss-up, we did have one entire day devoted, more or less exclusively to cultural and touristy things. I say “tourist things”, but as we were already staying well away from the normal tourist haunts of Prague, Brno, Kutná Hora, Český Krumlov and Karlovy Vary we were in a good position to visit a couple of real, unspoilt gems, which few visitors from the UK get to see. The “cultural day” took place on the Thursday, which was the penultimate day of our trip.

The towns we visited were Slavonice and Telč; both similar in nature and both with an air of faded glory about them. However, as there is little about beer in the narrative, I have published the write-up on my other blog, Paul’s Beer Travels. You can read descriptions of both towns, as seen by my good self, by clicking on the above link.

Paul’s Beer Travels is still essentially about beer, but with a little more information about the places I have visited in search of the perfect pint. I have to say it’s more of an occasional blog, which is probably why it doesn’t attract that many visitors. Give the site a go though, as you might find something there which attracts your interest.

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