Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Meantime Greenwich Smoked Bock Beer

Brewed exclusively for Marks & Spencer by Meantime Brewing Co, Alastair Hook and his team have put their own slant on this strong, smoked, bock-style beer. According to the label, “This beer is brewed using smoked and Munich malts to create the perfect balance of smokiness and malt sweetness, and is inspired by the strong Bock beers of Bavaria.” It weighs in at 6.0%, but drinks below this strength, which could be dangerous!

I left mine in the fridge a shade too long, which tended to mask the aromas and flavours somewhat, but once it had warmed up a bit, and the smokiness and sweet maltiness, were released, it improved no end, and was enjoyable right to the last drop. Not as intensely smoky as world classic, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier from Bamberg, but probably smokier than the Spezial Lagerbier from the same city.

This is definitely a very good beer, and one I will be stocking up on, especially as it’s priced at just £2.29 a bottle.


Mike F said...

The black IPA from meantime released at the same time is pretty good. I will have to head back to M&S for a bottle of this

Paul Bailey said...

There was only one bottle of Meantime Greenwich Smoked Bock Bier left on the shelves in M & S today, and I couldn't see any signs of the Black IPA either. If anything, the company appear to have cut back on their range of beers, to make wasy for all the Christmas tat.