Friday, 28 August 2015

Live Blogging from Brussels at the EBBC 2015

This is now my second full day in Brussels, and I'm currently sitting here in one of the conference rooms at the Hotel Marivaux listening to the third presentation at the European Beer Bloggers Conference. The sun is shining outside, which is rather ironic after the deluge we had yesterday, when a large group of us were out, travelling by coach around Brabant and Wallonia, visiting some fascinating breweries and sampling some amazing beers.

It was a rather hectic trip which crammed in four brewery locations and over twenty different beers . Granted, most of these sample were just that; samples, and we also had some interesting and well presented food to accompany the beers. However, the trip lasted over twelve hours, and I think all the attendees were glad of their beds when the coach dropped us off at the hotel at 12.30 am earlier this morning; I know I was!

I'll be writing about this trip and the forthcoming one which takes place after the conference. I'll also be writing about the conference itself. This post has been written on my tablet;  hence its brevity, but since getting back I've added a couple of photos to make it look a bit more interesting. It is also my first attempt at Live Blogging.

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