Friday, 27 February 2015


After last weekend’s beery excesses, this weekend looks set to be a pretty quiet one; perhaps even totally abstemious!

I’m off back up to Norfolk, to visit my parents. My mother is still languishing in hospital, although the medics are now looking at arranging some respite care for her, in a more suitable and quieter environment. Dad, with the help of the carers who visit thrice daily, seems to be coping alright.

The main news though is the eldest of my two sisters has flown over from her home in the United States, to spend a few weeks keeping an eye on mum and dad. She will be swapping the sub-zero temperatures, and deep snow, of an Ohio winter, for the more clement, but ever changing early spring of  Norfolk.

I will, of course, do my utmost to drag her down the local pub for a few bevies, as we’ve lots of news and happenings to catch up on. Failing that, I’ll get a few bottles in, and sup them in the peaceful surroundings of my parents’ bungalow.

One final point; there’s no Wi-Fi or other Broadband connection where I’m staying, so I’ll be a little out of touch with what else is going on. Probably not a bad thing??

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