Saturday, 13 July 2013

Traditional Scottish Ales at Lidl's

I picked up these three bottles of beer in Lidl's last night. They're brewed by TSA - Traditional Scottish Ales, and were selling for the bargain price of just £1.29 each. The beers concerned are Ben Nevis and Rok, both described as India Pale Ales, plus Wild Oat Stout.

 I  won't get the chance to sample them this weekend, as I'm committed to attending the SIBA South East Regional Festival. This will probably mean that by the time I do get round to trying them, Lidl's will  have sold out, but I'll let people know what I think when I do crack them open. However, at such a low price, I'm tempted to take a punt and buy a few more anyway.


Anonymous said...

Is that wild oat stout the same as Glencoe wild oat stout?

Unknown said...

Most probably.