Thursday, 11 June 2009

I'm Still Here!

Haven't posted for a while, as have been taking advantage of the light evenings to sort my garden out (amongst other things!). Have been to two CAMRA presentations recently, one for West Kent CAMRA pub of the year - the Rose & Crown at Halstead, and the other for the joint runner up- the Anchor at Sevenoaks. Landlord, Barry Dennis was also celebrating 30 years behind the bar, making him the longest serving licensee in the area by a long chalk. Congratulations Barry - you wouldn't get that for murder!

Had some good beers, in both pubs, and enjoyed some very pleasant company. Looking forward to a weekend in the garden, and hopefully the odd beer or two!


Philip said...

Yep, I see you :)

Paul Bailey said...

Thank's for your comment Philip - at least someone else is awake!