Monday, 15 June 2009

A Good Weekend & A Good Week To Come

It's been a good weekend. The weather was just right and whilst I didn't indulge in much beer drinking, I feel I achieved quite a lot.

I have just about finished laying the base for our new patio; I finished clearing my greenhouse out - following years of neglect, and planted some tomato plants I'd been given by a work colleague; I re-jigged the guttering and down-pipes on my shed so that the rain water will now run into a water-butt, rather than straight onto the ground. I also mended the garden tap that had been leaking since being damaged by frost back in January, and replaced the rather tattered flag of St George that flies on my shed with a brand new one.

We went shopping in Maidstone on Saturday. I bought a replacement cartridge for my turntable, allowing me to play my old vinyl LP's again - much to the rest of the family's annoyance! I'm on a bit of a "save-it" campaign at the moment, putting money aside for our Munich trip later in the year, so was pleased to see ASDA's selling 500ml bottles of Czech Lager for 91p. Not a bad drop either.

Off to the pub for a CAMRA social on Wednesday evening though - we are walking to the Greyhound at Charcott, an unspoilt pub in a tiny hamlet, close to where I work. When I popped in the other week I was surprised to see Woodfordes Wherry on sale, alongside the Westerhan Summer Perle and Harveys Best, although at £3.20 a pint you can perhaps understand why I'm drinking ASDA's Czech lager!

As I've got a couple of day's leave to take before the end of the month, I'll be taking Friday off. Another walk is in the offing; this time a long postponed ramble to the Golding Hop near Plaxtol. This is a wonderfully unspoilt pub, in a remote and idyllic rural setting, run by a landlord who's a real character and something of a local legend. Will report back on these trips when I get a spare moment.

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Tandleman said...

Sounds idyllic. I hope you get weather to match.