Thursday, 5 May 2016

Looking Ahead With an Eye to the Past

I mentioned in a previous post that I was due to attend one of the consultation exercises set up by CAMRA as part of its Revitalisation Project. Well on Wednesday evening I duly found my way to the railway arch premises of the Southwark Brewing Company, a short hop away from London Bridge station, and listened to CAMRA Chief Executive, Tim Page and Michael Harman, one of the campaign’s founder members, present some of the reasons why CAMRA has launched this exercise. The evening also afforded the opportunity for attendees to debate some of the issues raised, and to vote, electronically, on the more important ones.

There is a fair amount of material to relate; along with some slightly disturbing side issues associated with Wednesday’s meeting so, as soon as time allows, I intend to produce a rather more comprehensive report. For now why not sit back and enjoy this YouTube clip about the Red Lion at Snargate.

The clip was sent to me by a CAMRA colleague, and shows recently deceased landlady, Doris Jemison, and her daughter Kate,  in happier times, nearly a quarter of a century ago. Apart from Doris’s sad passing, nothing much about the Red Lion seems to have changed, since the film was taken, back in 1992. Enjoy!

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