Saturday, 27 December 2008

Norfolk Beckons

Am off to Norfolk tomorrow for a brief family visit. Not sure how many times I'll be able to escape to the pub (if any!), but should be able to manage at least one session. Have booked into a hotel in Dereham so will probably visit the GBG listed George Hotel.

Last time I visited Norfolk (August) my son and I stumbled across the Railway at North Elmham which was hosting its own beer festival. This was a very relaxed affair; basically you paid at the bar each time you wanted a drink and then wemt imto the room at the back and helped yourself from one of the casks. Unfortunately I was driving, which kind of defeated the object, but I did manage a few interesting halves. Why is public transport non-existent in these out of the way places? - there's not even a proper railway at North Elmham anymore!

Hopefully this trip should prove a bit more fruitful; I would especially like to track down some of the rarer Norfolk ales - Blue Moon, Spectrum, Tipples and Winters spring to mind. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever had a pint of Reepham apart from at beer festivals.


Ale Fan said...

Paul if you ever plan to come to Norwich give me a shout.

Paul Bailey said...

Sorry I didn't get in touch Paul, but my trip was a rather fleeting affair, and chiefly involved visiting family. I also had to get back for a pre-arranged surgical procedure on my eyes, which was not a pleasant experience, and one I am still partially recovering from.
You can read about my short trip on the next post, but I will at some stage arrange a longer visit to Norfolk, and will try to meet up with you then.
With Best Wishes