Saturday, 23 September 2017

Greyhound update

Just a quick update regarding the Greyhound at Charcott, which reopened just over two months ago. I have been popping in most Fridays, as part of my normal lunchtime walk, and am pleased to report that the pub is continuing to do well.

There are usually three cask ales on the bar; Larkin’s Traditional plus two guests. In recent weeks we have been treated to beers from Dark Star, Gun, Pig & Porter, Kent Brewery plus Old Dairy. I opted for the Dark Star American Pale on Friday, and seeing as the weather was unexpectedly fine, sat outside to enjoy it along with the surprisingly warm autumn sunshine.

Several other customers had decided to do the same, and I noticed several tucking in to the charcuterie and cheese selection the Greyhound is currently offering, until the kitchen is ready.

On that subject, I asked landlord Richard last week, how the kitchen was progressing. He told me that the area will soon be ready for fitting out, but sensibly declined to offer a date for its opening. It will be good when it does though, as I know several local people who will be glad of an alternative place to dine out at. It should also provide a further welcome boost to the Greyhound’s trade.
Finally, and not wishing to name-drop, I noticed two members of a local brewing family sitting outside enjoying their lunch, along with the beer they supply to the pub. Nothing like doing a bit of first hand, quality control!


Russtovich said...

"Nothing like doing a bit of first hand, quality control!"

Agreed. Well done them.

As to your post title, that shows me the difference between living over there and living over here. When I saw "Greyhound update" I thought you were going to write about how you're getting to Regensburg. Over here Greyhound is the main bus company for Canada (and the US). You can travel from one end of the country to the other, if you're so inclined (and believe it or not some folks do! My father-in-law, when we lived in Edmonton, would take the bus to come visit us and he lived in Whitehorse. That's about 2,000km or 1,250 miles one way).


Paul Bailey said...

Hi Russ, I am familiar with the "Greyhound Bus" brand, and not just from the Simon & Garfunkel track, "America!"

My wife journeyed quite extensively by Greyhound, on one of her trips to the US a decade ago, and I am looking at making use of the network next year, when I visit my sister who lives in a small town about 40 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio.

Although I prefer rail as a means of travel, there is only one Amtrak long-distance service a day, through that part of the US, so bus or, as we term them over here, coach it will have to be.

Russtovich said...

Hi Russ, I am familiar with the "Greyhound Bus" brand, and not just from the Simon & Garfunkel track, "America!"

LOL :)

And yes, train travel anywhere in the US or Canada is not usually a good option alas. Certainly not like Europe! But the bus can be ok, and is (or at least used to be) a helluva lot cheaper.