Friday, 26 May 2017

Four days in the Rhineland

As a consequence of four varied and beer-filled days in Düsseldorf, there’s lots for me to write about. But first it was back down to earth with a bang, with a full in-tray waiting for me at work this morning, and with two key members of my staff about to depart on their own holidays, there’s not been a lot of time to think; let alone decide what to write about first.

There were eleven of us on this trip, all male and, with the exception of my son Matthew, all over 50 years old. Quite a few of us were over sixty, and there were also two septuagenarians. One of them asked Matt how he felt about coming on a “Saga Holiday”, with a bunch of OAP's, but he took it all in his stride and had a good time; as did we all.

Although we based ourselves in Düsseldorf, we had a day out in Cologne, and also a day exploring the area around Wuppertal; a day which included a ride on the 110 year old Suspension Railway, which operates at a height of around 40 feet above the River Wupper, and runs for a distance of just over 8 miles.

We visited two fine old breweries; one producing Kölsch and the other Altbier. Both were old established, family firms, still employing traditional methods, but both were also companies which had not been afraid to invest for the future.

We also found several brew-pubs and these, when added to the many fine and traditional old pubs which can be found in the two Rhineland cities,  contributed to a  rich and varied local drinking scene.

Full coverage about these, and other experiences, to follow in due course.

This post should have been published yesterday, but I forgot to click the right button; in fact I fell asleep in front of the computer! 

Apologies, therefore, if it doesn't quite read right.


Unknown said...

That Suspension Railway looks like a nice ride over the river on a sunny day.

Oh, and I might be wrong but I think you meant to write Altbier instead of Albier with respect to the two old breweries.



Paul Bailey said...

I did mean to write Altbier Unknown, so thanks for spotting the typo. The Suspension Railway was fun, and I will be writing about it in a later post.

Russtovich said...

Well, you are over 50 (like me - LOL) so these things happen. :P