Friday, 17 February 2017

The message is getting through

Just a quick post to say I was really impressed with the pie I had in my local Wetherspoon’s last night. My son and I had popped in for a bite to eat, following a bit of late night shopping.

Although Thursday is Curry Night at JDW, we’d had a ruby the night before. Neither of us fancied the idea of another one, so Matt opted for a gourmet burger, whilst I went for the beef and ale pie which I’d spotted on the menu.

I was fairly certain that the pie would turn out to be a “proper” one, with the meat filling completely encased in pastry, rather than a casserole in a dish with a slice of puff-pastry on top. Fortunately my hunch was right, and my pastry-encased pie arrived, piping-hot, and complete with mash, peas, plus a small jug of gravy. The beef filling was plentiful, and the meat was nice and tender, and at just £6.29, it was a real bargain.

The Humphrey Bean (Tonbridge Spoons), was pretty full last night, but we still managed a seat in our favourite spot on the elevated section. The beer was good, with Tonbridge Brewery Old Chestnut as my beer of choice. I only had the one, as I was driving, but the beer was in good form and went well with my meal.

I’m pleased to see that the message about “proper pies”  is starting to get through, as this is the third establishment recently, where I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the “real thing”. With luck, the days of casseroles with a lid, are numbered!

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