Sunday, 16 May 2010

Blogger Update

I haven't really done a lot beer-wise since my visit to Whitstable last weekend. (You can read all about the trip by clicking here). I went on the waggon last week, for five days, primarily as an attempt to shake off the persistent cold and hacking cough that's been dogging me ever since my return from the Isle of Man, and which left me feeling very lethargic. Hopefully the cold is now on its way out, but it's doubtful that my abstinence from drink played much of a part in this, and on Friday evening I broke my self-imposed drink ban and joined a work colleague and his wife for a few beers.

My colleague lives in Sevenoaks, and his nearest pub is the Rifleman, a thriving back-street, corner local. I don't recall having visited the Rifleman before, and on entering I was pleased to note that the pub still has two separate bars. I was rather less pleased to see that the pub is tied to Greene King, and after an evening spent supping the company's beers, my dislike of them was only enhanced. After five day's abstinence I would much have preferred something else, but nights at the pub are often about more than just the beer and Matt and I spent an enjoyable evening chatting to Andrew and his wife Emma, plus their Belgian friend John, who was visiting for the weekend.

Yesterday evening I enjoyed a couple of bottles of Brakspears; Bitter plus Oxford Gold, and it will be some Czech Lager tonight, courtesy of our local Co-Op. I've been looking at summerhouses over the past week or so, and having finally decided on the one I want I'm now in a position to go ahead and place my order. The summerhouse will house my home-brewery - the kit's sadly been bereft of a home since our garage was pulled down six years ago and re-built as living accommodation. Looking forward to starting up brewing again, probably in the autumn - if all goes according to plan.

Back to work tomorrow. Not anticipating much action on the beer front until the weekend after next, when the Halfway House, Brenchley holds its Spring Beer Festival, although we may try a trip to the Brecknock Arms next Saturday.

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