Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Farewell to Krakow

Today my short break in Krakow comes to an end, and I will shortly be checking out of my hotel and heading to the airpor.

I've packed a lot into my three day stay, although I did avoid the obvious tours of the Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz. There are companies all over the city offering trips to these popular tourist destinations and most hotels, including the one I'm staying in, will arrange a visit, should you so desire.

I have my own reasons for not wishing to visit Auschwitz, which I'll explain in a later post, and whilst a trip down a mine would once have appealed to a younger me, there have been too many incidents in recent years of people becoming trapped underground.

Instead I've done plenty of sightseeing in this wonderfully preserved, cosmopolitan city and walked my little legs off.

Krakow reminds me very much of Prague (one of my favourite cities), except that it is much more compact and easier to get around on foot.

I will definitely be back and might even tempt Mrs PBT's to accompany me. I'm sure the city would also appeal to young Mr Bailey. That's all for now, as I've got some last minute shopping to do and a flight to catch.

ps. This is my second post by phone. It's much easier than I thought, so providing there's a decent internet connection,  similarly brief articles may become a regular feature of future trips.

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