Tuesday, 10 September 2019

An unexpected surprise

I've never tried publishing a post before from my phone, but it's 7.30 in the morning here in Krakow and I'm just contemplating dragging myself out of bed, so I thought I'd give it a try.

There will be plenty to read about this lovely old city, with its virtually intact 19th Century (or older ), centre when I get back, but for now let's just say it's great for wandering around, admiring the architecture and just soaking up the atmosphere.

 Beer-wise craft has made its presence felt in Poland, and I've already  enjoyed some excellent, locally brewed examples, but yesterday lunchtime, exasperated to find that several of the places I'd picked in the former Jewish quarter didn't open until 4pm, I succumbed to big brand beer, and was really glad I did.

I'd already walked past the Wrega - Polish Pub & Gallery and after a morning spent walking around the impressive Wawel Castle complex, followed by a sobering, and rather haunting look around Kazimierz's Jewish cemetery, I was in need of somewhere to sit down, along with a glass of beer plus something to eat.

Wrega was advertising beers from Zywiec - one of Poland's large breweries, but I noticed the presence of  a porter on the menu. I found an occupied table in the shady courtyard garden and ordered myself a glass along with a dish of Polish spinach and cheese pancakes.

The Zywiec Porter when it came, was excellent; dark, full-bodied and with just the right amount of residual bitterness. In short, it was a very satisfying beer. The pancakes too were just right for a lunch that was filling, but not too heavy.

I stayed an hour or so at Wrega, enjoying the food, the beer, the ambience and the sun, just making it back to the hotel before the inevitable thunderstorm.

Well it's a couple of hours later now and I'm up, washed, dressed and been down to breakfast. It feels a little chilly outside but I'll stick with my original plan of wearing shorts as I head back up into the old town for some more exploring and sightseeing.

I'll also be looking out for a few more beery surprises.


retiredmartin said...

Congrats! It worked.

Glad you enjoyed the Zywiec Porter. I thought that was wonderful and have tried to find it here.

Loads of posts from Kraków on my blog if you're in need of ideas but I doubt you are 😉

Paul Bailey said...

Thanks Martin. I ended up back at Wrega again this evening. Those craft beer bars I missed yesterday were open, but none of them serve food.

I haven't eaten since breakfast and could demolish the proverbial dead donkey!