Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Not Exactly Beer Garden Weather!

Under cover at Tegernsee

I was beginning to think that weather-wise, our trip to Munich was cursed from the start. Just prior to the weekend we flew out, a weather presenter announced that the “Jet Stream” had suddenly moved south, which meant the summer weather would be coming to an end. On top of that the remains of tropical storm “Bertha” would be due to hit the UK on the day we were due to fly out to Germany.

A brief respite from the rain.
Sure enough we drove up to Stansted through some torrential downpours, but on landing in Munich and walking off the plane into 28 degrees of heat our spirits rose and thoughts of depressions and “Atlantic Lows” quickly vanished. Cue the following morning though and we were greeted by leaden-grey skies and persistent rain. I seriously thought the “Curse of Tandleman” had caught up with us, and we were in for a wet week! (For an explanation, click here.).

As things turned out we had a “mixed bag” weather-wise, although by mid week the temperatures in the balmy high twenties had disappeared, and the mercury was hovering around the mid teens. Not the beer garden weather we had been anticipating, but we still managed to make the most of our time in the Bavarian capital, visiting some fine establishments, enjoying some excellent local beers; combined with a couple of trips out into scenic countryside around Munich and further a field.

Umbrellas were definitely the order of the day.
Things seemed pretty rosy on the beer front, and from a beer hunting point of view there have been several positive developments with the welcome appearance of beers from out of town providing some much needed relief from the monopoly of Munich’s “Big Six” mega-brewers. There is also a small, but growing “craft beer” movement within the city, and I was able to pick up a couple of bottles from one of these – Giesinger Bräu.

For the benefit of the curious, there will be several posts on our visit to follow, in due course.

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