Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wetherspons Vouchers

Has anyone else been caught out like a friend and I were at the weekend? En route home from our CAMRA Christmas Dinner, we made a brief detour into the Sennockian, JDW's Sevenoaks outlet. We both had some vouchers in our pockets, but on presenting them were told they were out of date. Looking on the rear of the vouchers showed this to be the case, as the ones for the final quarter of the year are valid from 1st October to the 4th December only!

We both felt slightly foolish, but we had both automatically assumed that the vouchers were valid until the end of the year. Wetherspoons staff are probably going to be too busy to accept the discount vouchers in the run up to Christmas, which is fair enough. It could also be said more fool the pair of us for not checking the dates more carefully. However, I don't recall the short-dated last quarter for the vouchers being widely publicised either.

I'm not really complaining, as I've more than had my money's worth from these vouchers; I just felt a bit of a fool really, and would like to know if other people have also made the same mistake??


Curmudgeon said...

And note that the next quarter doesn't start until Sunday 3 Jan, when no doubt a lot of people will be looking to use one on Saturday 2nd.

I've used precisely 4 of the 30 I had up until now.

Mike Blackstone said...

I've found the vouchers extremely useful and have used them when coming across a brew that I really like. Only last night, I put the new vouchers starting from Jan 3rd in my wallet.

Paul Bailey said...

I'm waiting for next year's vouchers now, as my membership renews this month.

Tandleman said...

I still have a few left, but I did notice the expiry date.

Sat In A Pub said...

Used all mine long ago. I did notice the expiry dates, but only because I found myself trying to use next years lot. You're a bit unlucky really as a lot of JDW don't seem to check the vouchers.