Saturday, 21 November 2009

Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale

Couldn't resist picking up a bottle of Shep's 2009 Christmas Ale whilst shopping in Lidl's this morning. What's even better about this 7% abv offering is that Lidl's are selling them at just £1.49 each, or four for £5; a fact I didn't realise at the time. (I'll be waiting outside for them to open tomorrow morning!)

As for the beer itself, the label describes it as "A glowing amber ale with a heady fruity nose. Crystallised winter fruits combine with festive spicy hops on a platform of smooth warming alcoholic notes, leaving a refreshing cleansing hop finish." Roger Protz couldn't have put it better himself!

The above is as good a description as it gets, and I'm certainly not going to try to better it. I would just describe it as a bloody good beer, which perhaps belies its 7% strength. It's certainly very moreish, and at four for £5, I'm definitely heading back down to Lidl's tomorrow morning!


Curmudgeon said...

I'll have to watch out for this. I know some people knock Sheps' beers, but in my experience the stronger ones are very good - especially the 1698. The Whitstable Bay organic ale is very palatable too.

Unknown said...

Didn't get the four for a fiver. Still, 1.49's a good deal, although smells better than it tastes - thought the hoppiness is a bit on the metallic side. Very Germanic.

Tandleman said...
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Tandleman said...

And the version without the spelling mistakes:

On my mission to try and see if my previous perception that Shep's beers are improving, I had both the Autumn Ale and Master Brew in the White Swan, a tied Shep's house near my flat. Both were underconditioned and spoiled by an odd rusty nail aftertaste.

Unknown said...

hmm I just cracked open a bottle of this, and indeed, it's nice .. definitely on the list for a couple of more of these. :)