Saturday, 21 March 2009


I was hoping to complete the posting on my recent short visit to Helsinki. Unfortunately I find I have run out of time as I am off to Cologne next week for a trade show. I expect, as a former boss of mine used to say, that my colleagues and I will be having the odd light ale, or should I say "Kolsch", but it's not all play by a long chalk, as we'll be manning the stand for five days on the trot.

Hope to report back in a week or so's time on the beer scene over there. (It's a good job I like Kolsch - just a shame they serve it in such small glasses!)


Tandleman said...

At around €1.70 a 20cl measure, try not to worry too much about the cost. I'll save you the arithmetic. It is about £4.60 a pint. Reassuringly expensive and they are notorious short measurers..

Paul Bailey said...

We were paying 1.60 Euros for a 20 cl glass. I say "we", but it was the firm that was paying.

Managed to sample both Paffgen and Pfaffen, amongst others. More about that on the blog later.