Friday, 22 August 2014

Something in the Air

Straight out of the terminal
Airport bars are renowned for stocking a limited range of over-priced “international” beer brands, and are not normally the sort of places to attract the seasoned beer hunter. In the UK, the appearance of Wetherspoons at various airport terminals, has been a welcome addition in terms of choice of beers, but most of these outlets are like darkened cabins, shoe-horned into the terminal building, with little to distinguish them from other airport watering holes. The beer may be good, but drinking it is not such a pleasant experience, with all the queueing and jostling for space associated with many JDW city outlets.

Travellers passing through Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss International Airport though have the choice of stopping off for a tasty glass or two of house-brewed beer at Airbräu; a large brew-pub situated in the open concourse area, called the Munich Airport Centre, or MAC, between Terminals One and Two. Opened in 2008, Airbräu has been a favourite stop off of mine when either arriving, or departing from Munich. What I particularly like is the large outdoor beer garden which takes up part of the concourse. As the concourse is covered by a large flexi-glass roof, one can still enjoy a beer during rainy weather.
The tasty, house-brewed Helles

Airbräu offers three standard brews, plus seasonal beers which change throughout the year. All the beers are unfiltered and very tasty to boot, and what’s more they are cheap. On our recent visit we paid €2.75 for a half litre of Fliegerquell (their standard unfiltered Helles), and €2.45 for their Jetstream Pilsner.

The combination of good beers and keen prices ensures a steady stream of customers, but unlike the JDW outlets at UK airports, where the service is frenetic and the place rammed, sitting out in the beer garden at Airbräu is a much more relaxed and pleasant experience. Although I haven’t eaten there, the food offerings at Airbräu look good and, judging by the number of people dining last Monday, they appear very popular as well.
Enjoying a beer before the flight

A visit to Airbräu is a good start to a holiday or any other trip to Munich, as well as a good place to end a break on. We have made a point of calling in there now on our last three trips to the Bavarian capital, and if you are heading that way, and have sufficient time to do so, then I strongly recommend you do the same.


Tandleman said...

Couldn't agree more Paul. We ate and drank there on the way back to the UK. Beer rather decent and the food is also very reasonably priced, tasty and plentiful. (My companions all had something cooked, while I had obazda.

Great stop for people watching too.

Paul Bailey said...

The lad and I got bloated out on some particularly generous portions of Obadza the night before we flew back. This was at Forschungsbrauerei, out at Perlach, and the tasty soft cheese and onion mix went very well with the excellent beer there. (Range now expanded to include a Helles and a Dunkles alongside the Export Bier, but the strong St Jakobus is now a seasonal beer only).

Agree about the people watching - something which becomes more interesting as one gets older!