Saturday, 23 December 2017

“An unashamedly strong winter warmer”

Whilst on my travels I like to pick up the odd bottle or three, especially if I come across something unusual or rare. This applies equally to trips here in the UK, as to those further afield. It’s an extremely rare occurrence for me to return completely empty-handed, as there’s nearly always something which catches my interest.

It’s precisely because I don’t normally come back with something, that I can’t remember where or when I picked up a 2016 Vintage 330 ml bottle of Adnam’s Tally-Ho, barley-wine. It must obviously have been one of my many recent trips to East Anglia, and I’m reasonably certain I bought it at the impressive Beers of Europe warehouse just outside King’s Lynn. 

Wherever I acquired my bottle it’s worth saying that it’s quite rare to come across a bottle. The brewery describe it as “An unashamedly strong winter warmer”, and I think this is pretty apt. It is occasionally available in cask, but normally only in Adnam’s tied houses.

The beer has an ABV of 7.2%, and is bottle-conditioned. It is marketed as a “limited edition”, but this must mean it is brewed in “limited amounts” as this rich dark, seasonal, barley-wine style beer, has been brewed at Adnam’s every year, since 1880.

I cracked open my bottle earlier in the week. It poured with a minimal head, and was a deep ruby red in colour; almost bordering on black. Rich, dark and warming, it drank pretty much as the brewery’s promise, and was an excellent example of a dark barley wine; a style which is not as common as it once was.

ps. Checking back, I did indeed acquire my bottle from Beers of Europe; just over a year ago.


Russtovich said...

Now that's a perfect 'end of evening reflection' drink.

I have a Delirium Noel Christmas pack ready to put in the fridge Christmas morning. Four 330ml bottles @ 10%, complete with a Christmas glass, but I won't be drinking it all at once!

I like a strong beer some evenings just before bed as it's a sipping beer (you shouldn't drink something strong too fast) and it mellows me out just right for sleeping.

"just over a year ago."

So some folks do keep their beer more than a year! (just kidding)

But what was the best before date on it then?


Paul Bailey said...

"But what was the best before date on it then?" I forgot to check! The bottle has disappeared into the re-cycling bottle-bank now, but BBE dates don't make a lot of difference with a beer that strong.

Enjoy your 10% Delirium Noel Christmas Ales, but sip rather than slurp! Have a great Christmas. Paul.

Russtovich said...

"I forgot to check!"

In the spirit of Christmas, no comment. ��

"Enjoy your 10% Delirium Noel Christmas Ales, but sip rather than slurp!"

It will indeed be sips, on four different nights; Christmas day, my birthday, my anniversary, and New Year's Eve... all in the next week! ��

Merry Christmas