Wednesday, 8 August 2018

In with the new

This year’s CAMRA Great British Beer Festival kicked off yesterday with the, by now traditional, Trade Session. With Tuesday being my final day of work before flying of to the US later today, I couldn’t spare the time, but after making a point of not going last year, I found myself being strangely drawn towards this year’s event.

The advertising this year definitely seems designed to appeal to a younger audience, and if it succeeds in attracting a younger crowd, then this surely is a good thing. It might only be a small example, but two of the younger members of my team at work will be going along for the first time; and what’s more this is without any persuasion from me!

I was a little surprised when earlier this summer they both decided to join CAMRA, and whilst this may have had more than a little to do with a desire to spend some time in the CAMRA Tent at this year’s Tunbridge Wells Cricket Week, their enthusiasm is to be applauded.

With CAMRA’s flagship event in full swing this week, the pair of them have booked Friday afternoon off and having persuaded a female friend who works in another department, to join them, are travelling up straight from work. I must admit that I got a little caught up in their enthusiasm, and was more than a little sad that I wouldn’t be joining them.

It’s silly of me really, as I don’t suppose they’d particularly appreciate my company, but all the same it’s good to see youngsters (Well they’ve both recently turned 30), taking an interest in decent beer.

Like many their age, the pair include a wide variety of different beers amongst their regular pub drinks, with certain brands of premium lager (Moretti seems to be a favourite at the moment), featuring quite highly. On the opposite side of the spectrum, local brewer Larkin’s, is another favourite, probably because of their involvement and support of village events.

I’ve told them I expect to see a full report on social media, as I shall be keeping an eye on things whilst I am away. I expect their friend from the Operations Department will be rather bemused by the whole event, as she comes from a part of the world where wine, rather than beer is the usual tipple.

She told me yesterday that if the boys think she’s going to drink five pints, they’ve another think coming. Without wishing to sound sexist, I informed her that here would be plenty of ciders and perries to sample, if she didn’t fancy the beers. I strongly suspect though, that she will be the one who makes sure they all get home safely!

Footnote: As first time GBBF attendees, I will be interested in my colleagues' feedback, what they thought of the festival, what they liked or dis-liked. CAMRA's flagship event has obviously changed and evolved over the years, and it appears to b continuing to do so, so what newcomers think of the festival will be important for CAMRA, going forward.


Russtovich said...

"The advertising this year definitely seems designed to appeal to a younger audience,"

Or... they're appealing to the same audience, but we're getting older! (just kidding) :)

"and what’s more this is without any persuasion from me!"

That is certainly encouraging. (thumbs up)

"their enthusiasm is to be applauded."


"I strongly suspect though, that she will be the one who makes sure they all get home safely!"

That could be why they got her to go along. :)

"I will be interested in my colleagues' feedback, "

Agreed. A fresh pair of eyes (perspective) is always appreciated.


Paul Bailey said...

I've noticed the blogs been picking up some Spam since I've been travelling. Possibly due to logging on to open Wi-Fi networks at airports or bars.

Still at nuisance level at moment, but haven't suffered from this issue for a long time .

Etu said...

There seems to be a lot of Spam about these days Paul. Or is it gammon?



Paul Bailey said...

Definitely a lot of gammon, but not too much over here - at least not of the English variety!

Martin Taylor said...

I hope you don't mean Russ is spam !
I'm interested to hear what your colleagues drunk. You'd need to drink 5 pints to make it worthwhile with travel/entrance costs, or else you may as well stay in Tonbridge/T.Wells and enjoy a tremendous selection of beer in Proper Pubs rather than a giant hall 😉

Paul Bailey said...

My colleagues had a good time, Martin. They definitely drank more than five pints - mainly hoppy pale ales, by all accounts. They really enjoyed their first time at GBBF and said it was a great experience, and even brought me back a programme.

It would appear that CAMRA have really upped their game with the festival this year; something which was definitely required. I may even go with them next year; that's if they want their boss wandering around with them and cramping their style!