Monday, 6 August 2018

A quick one

So with the bulk of the packing done, the travel and transfer arrangements all sown up, and just  one more day left at work before setting off on my big adventure, I’m thinking that I might not be posting  for a while.

I’ll be taking a lap-top with me, but as I’ve found before, much depends on how much “down time” will be available over the course of the next of the next fortnight. I will obviously be making notes, not just about the Beer Bloggers & Writers’ Conference I am attending, but also of my travels, as I journey half-way across the USA from the east coast, up to the mid-west.

I will try and commit as much of these experiences to paper/keyboard as is humanly possible, but don’t expect miracles; unlike some nameless bloggers who never seem to rest, and for whom life is a never ending pub crawl. Having said that, I will endeavour to detail as many of the pubs and bars I visit, along with the enjoyment of  the various beers sold therein. That’s if I find sufficient time to type everything up, as this trip after all, is supposed to be a holiday.

My first stop will be a brief overnight stay in Reykjavik, before flying on to Washington the following afternoon. The temperatures in Iceland are forecast to be a positively cool 12º C, which will mean a brief and very welcome break for the high temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately. Then once I reach the US, it’s more of the heat again!

 So in the absence of any other photos at present, here are a few taken on Sunday morning, as part of our quest to find the perfect pub breakfast.


Joan Villar-i-Martí said...

Awesome! I hope you enjoy the US BBC, as well as thr rest of the trip. Looking forward to reading whatever you manage to post :-). Cheers Paul.

Paul Bailey said...

Thanks Joan, good to hear from you. It will be interesting to see how the US Conference compares to the ones we attended in Dublin and Brussels. Rest assured, I will be taking plenty of notes, and posting the odd report, when time allows.

Russtovich said...

No worries on not posting while on holiday Paul; totally understand. When I visited my Mom for about 10 days in May I didn't post replies on any of the bloggers I follow (like you). Make the most out of new places and time with family.

Your notes and photos will still be there when you get back. :)


retiredmartin said...

Have a great time, Paul.

Where was that breakfast from ? Looks great.


Paul Bailey said...

Carpenter's Arms, Three Elm Lane, to the north of Tonbridge.

Full English for £7.95!

Paul Bailey said...

Thanks, Russ. We will see what happens, but along with all the other stuff, it will certainly be good to catch up with my sister and her family.

Etu said...

Black pudding? Without baked beans? Or were they hiding?

Have a good trip, Paul.



Paul Bailey said...

Am quite happy without the baked beans; one of the few things I can't eat- not without throwing up. (A shame as I used to really like them).

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