Sunday, 2 April 2017

Playing catch-up

Who's been a busy boy?

Being out of the country for the best part of a week, put me behind on a number of fronts, so it’s been a busy weekend catching up on things home, garden and transport related. I’ve had a major sort-out of my wardrobe, mainly getting rid of clothes which no longer fit. I’ve also erected and painted some new garden furniture and had the brakes sorted out on my car (new pads and discs, front and back), ahead of next week’s impending MOT.

So not much time for beer drinking, or pub-going. I did call in at our local JDW, but that was breakfast. In my haste I forgot to pick up a programme for their Spring Beer Festival, which I’ve just realised finished today!

I managed just one pub visit last week, and that was an evening meal with a guest from our Japanese parent company. The Chaser, at Shipbourne, a picturesque village a few miles to the north of Tonbridge, was expectantly quiet for a  Monday evening, but there were a handful of diners in the conservatory, where we were sitting. The Old Dairy Red Top was in good form, but unfortunately I was driving, so my intake was limited. I also didn’t select the best option from the menu; but that’s down to me, rather than the pub.

There are a couple of very welcome “good news” stories on the local pub front, which are embargoed until later in the week; but they are proof that it is not all doom and gloom in the pub trade.

Finally, the welcome spring sunshine, especially today, should have provided the perfect opportunity to get out and about exploring the beautiful Kent countryside. I am sure that many people did just that, and I imagine local pubs saw a much needed boost in trade. I shall be doing the same, as soon as my workload allows. I will keep you posted.


Greengrass said...

I imagine some of the good news mentioned is the reopening of the Greyhound at Charcot, a lot of people are involved in this not least the owner of the Windmill, all are to be congratulated & I wish them every success. I understand there is to be an extended dining area, but then you cant have every thing.

Paul Bailey said...

You are correct Greengrass, and there was a lot of activity taking place when I walked past the pub, this lunchtime. Full story to follow.