Friday, 20 June 2014

Trouble on the Line

Apologies for the lack of posting at the moment, and for the lack of commenting on other people's blogs; (at least one person I can think of might welcome that!). This is due to our dear friends at British Telecom. Apparently there is a network fault affecting quite a few phone lines in the local area, and their engineers are working hard to trace the fault, in order to fix it. They can't give a time-frame at present, but they hope to have it sorted by 25th June; which is next Wednesday! The lack of a phone line means no Broadband connection, (infuriating as we've just paid out or a "Super-fast", fibre optic connection), and hence no access to the internet.

It's especially annoying as I've lots of things written at the moment, plus there are hotels and flights I want to book for a forthcoming trip. Fortunately, I've access during my lunchtimes at work, so hence this short post.

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed sooner, rather than later!

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