Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Normal Service Resumed

After five days without either phone or Internet at home, normal service has now been resumed. According to British Telecom there was a fault somewhere between the exchange and our house, but as from today we are now back on line.

I have to say that being without a land line and Broadband connection, was only a minor nuisance, and something which served to remind us that we all coped perfectly well back in the days before the world-wide web and social media ruled our lives. I actually found the whole experience quite refreshing and managed to get lots of things done in both house and garden that I perhaps wouldn't have done otherwise.

Anyway, now we're back on line there are a couple of posts follow this one, to make up for being away!

1 comment:

RedNev said...

A few days - not too bad, I found that more than three months without a computer earlier this year was a serious inconvenience. Still, glad it's sorted out.