Monday, 10 May 2010

Moodleys Update

Following my recent posting about Moodleys Brewery, owner and brewer, Yudhistra has picked up on my blog and has kindly provided me with some updates regarding the brewery. These primarily came about as a response to the feedback he received at last month's tasting evening at the Anchor in Sevenoaks.

Yudhistra writes: "I took on board your comments on the night and I have made two changes to my process which should help the beer to drop bright fairly quickly.

Firstly, I now use vegetarian finings and secondly, I have improved the process by chilling the wort immediately after the boil. As a result, there is an immediate difference in the clarity of the beer in the fermenter, which was quite exciting to see. So far, there have been two brews which have employed the new methods and I am yet to bottle these. Hopefully, you will get to taste the results.
Toad Rock Bitter will have Admiral hops in the boil from next week. These as you know have a much higher Alpha acid content than Bramling Cross. Thanks once again for the comments and would you be able to mention the above changes in your blog please?"

No problem Yudhistra, glad to be of assistance, and I look forward to sampling the beers in their new form.

ps. I believe that Timothy Taylors use vegetarian finings, so Moodleys should be in good company!


Grant said...

I really need to get to the UK...

Paul Garrard said...

During the 14 years I was a vegetarian the one thing I would turn a blind eye to was real ale. Not very principled but happy!